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The Generation Equality Forum is a global gathering for gender equality, convened by UN Women and co-chaired by France and Mexico, with the leadership and partnership of civil society.

Following on from the Mexico Forum in March 2021, the Paris Generation Equality Forum will be held from 30 June to 2 July.

25 years after the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

25 years after the Fourth UN World Conference on Women and the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which form the most comprehensive framework for achieving women’s empowerment and gender equality, the Forum will take stock of the progress made. A programme of tangible measures to achieve gender equality by 2030 will also be drawn up as part of the campaign “Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights for an equal future”.

The Forum will be a global discussion in which all stakeholders will take part, including civil society, public authorities, local government, the private sector and the media. The aim is to produce effective partnerships and ownership to bring swift action on a greater scale to advance gender equality. Emphasis will be placed on intergenerational and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

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Generation Equality Forum

Generation Equality Forum Action Coalitions, for concrete progress in Paris

Multi-stakeholder Action Coalitions will be launched at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris in July 2021. Like during the French G7 Presidency, these coalitions will involve governments, civil society and the private sector to achieve tangible, measurable results within five years on the following six themes:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Economic justice and rights
  • Bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Feminist action for climate justice
  • Technology and innovation for gender equality
  • Feminist movements and leadership

These themes were identified by UN Women in close collaboration with civil society, Mexico and France. Girls and young women will be central to the work of each Action Coalition.

The 65 first “Global Leaders” of the Action Coalitions were announced on 1 July 2020. They are States, feminist organizations, youth organizations, philanthropic foundations, UN agencies and other international organizations, representing a great diversity of women’s voices from around the world.

France will lead an Action Coalition on “Bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health and rights” and bring on board all its partners in the coming months to ensure the success of this historic event.
The consequences of the public health crisis on gender equality will be fully addressed in the work of the Forum’s Action Coalitions.

The Generation Equality Forum will also launch a Compact for Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action, two decades on from the historic adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and the advent of the Agenda of the same name. This Compact will supplement the six Action Coalitions of the Generation Equality Forum and create synergies.

For further information on action coalitions:

Generation Equality Forum website

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The Generation Equality Forum will be the largest global feminist gathering since 1995.

You wish to interact with the participants, ask a question, follow a conference : 90 events involving 500 panelists will be offered to you online. All the events are digital and broadcasted on the event platform.

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