The French residency hosted the first "Suhoor of Influencers"

On May 28, the French residency hosted the first "Suhoor of Influencers". Journalists, poets, artists, musicians and influent bloggers : all together to bring a message of peace tolerance and sharing.

The Ambassador reminded the role of influencers to promote positive values and evoked the Christchurch Call to Action against terrorism and violent extremism online, launched the 15th of May 2019 at the initiative of Emmanuel Macron and Jacinda Ardern.

Patrick Chalhoub presented the “Together we shine” initiative in favor of education in refugees camps and children suffering from cancer.

We also had the honor to listen the emirati poets Hamed Al Hashemi and Mashaal Al Wahedi on the theme of tolerance. We also thank Fedia Khalfallah and Gennaro Siena for their musical performance. The famous actor Salloum Haddad was also our very special guest.


publié le 28/05/2019

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