Press and Communication section

Under the ambassador’s authority and in close relation with other sections, the activity of the Press and Communication section is threefold : inform, communicate and provide resource.

Inform : both internal and external

  • Internal information : Hand over French official information and resource to embassy’s sections. Observe local and panarabic media for the ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy.
  • External information : Interaction with Emirati media to get and spread the most accurate news. Hand over ministry of Foreign Affairs’s spokesman statements and French authorities statements on foreign policy. Release information papers.

Communicate : The Press and Communication section is focused on imparting information.

  • Actions of communication : ambassador’s statements, press statements, answering journalists’ questions, visits of key figures, etc)
  • Assistance to local and foreign journalists. Interaction with local authorities.
  • Maintain the embassy’s website.

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publié le 31/07/2016

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