#ParisWeLoveYou !

Share your photos from your best life moments in Paris with the hashtag #ParisWeLoveYou and help restore love to the City of Light !

After the tragic attacks that hit Paris on November 13, Atout France, alongside the French Government, the City of Paris, Alliance 46.2 and some 50 companies and organizations, have launched an ambitious solidarity campaign to reassure the attractiveness of Paris as a destination.


The #ParisWeLoveYou initiative denotes a unifying hashtag message "PARIS WILL ALWAYS BE PARIS."

It’s simple to show your support for Paris! Are you in?

Through a dedicated website, www.parisweloveyou.fr/ the global community is invited to share photos demonstrating their affinity for Paris. Organizers hope that the power of social networks creates a collective mobilization momentum. This campaign will be amplified in the following weeks by a physical materialization in the form of a giant #ParisWeLoveYou hashtag, on which pictures shared by supporters via social media will be projected. The #ParisWeLoveYou sculpture will be placed in a symbolic place in Paris.

All lovers of Paris, in addition to Parisians, are invited to join in this movement of solidarity in the hope that the world will see and understand that life goes on in Paris.

For more information, please find here a press release.

Thank you for your support !

publié le 23/12/2015

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