New year, New resolution : Learn French or bring it to perfection !

10 reasons to learn French at the Alliance Française Abu Dhabi

1- EXPERTISE - Alliance Française Abou Dabi is one of the world’s leading Alliance Française, with highly qualified, native French-speaking teachers. The Alliance Française in Paris is celebrating its 130 anniversary this year, the Alliance Française in Abou Dabi is 40 years old, 40 years of excellence at your service.

2- VALUE for money, with the largest variety of classes, and flexible class schedules. Weekly conversation classes are offered to our students.

3- TEACHERS - Native French-Speaking professional teachers, certified in teaching French as a foreign language.

4- A FRENCH LIBRARY - Free access to the French library for adults & children students and to the learner’s library.

5- SOCIAL NETWORKING - Make new friends from all over the world … in French! Be a part and a member of a French worldwide organisation highly recognised.

6- CULTURE - French is the indisputable language of food, fashion, theatre, arts, cinema, literature and philosophy and we invite you to interact with French culture through exhibitions, concerts, conferences, …

7- FUN - French is a beautiful, refined, and very chic language to learn.

8- TRAVEL - French is spoken throughout the world.

9- EXPANDING HORIZONS - Speaking Speaking another language allows you to meet new people and explore diverse cultures. Convey the values of the Alliance Française: respect of different cultures, solidarity, modernisation and innovation.

10- CAREER DEVELOPMENT - Speaking French can help you to gain a competitive edge professionally.

Session dates: 10 January - 28 February
News for adults : We have a new updated and interactive learning method,
with new manuals in new premises!

Morning, afternoon and evening classes, and weekend classes.
For adults, teenagers and children aged 4 years +.
All levels

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publié le 17/12/2014

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