Louvre Abu Dhabi


Louvre Abu Dhabi, an expression of the new global dimension of museums

The focus of Louvre Abu Dhabi is a universal vocation underlined in the intergovernmental agreement of March 6, 2007. The United Arab Emirates have thus taken a major step toward making Louvre Abu Dhabi the first universal museum in the Arab world. This decision, as bold as it may be, must not come as a surprise from a young country, still under construction, which intends to show its desire and need to embrace skills and knowledge. Acknowledging the universal nature of Louvre Abu Dhabi means fully embracing the constant and natural extension of the museum family. The intergovernmental agreement that presides over the creation of the institution provides the terms for an international collaboration of unprecedented scope. Clearly removed from the concept of a short-lived event, Louvre Abu Dhabi views the project at another level to lay the foundations of a sustainable institution bearing the Louvre name for thirty years. Its design is thus in keeping with the development of an international public, increasingly diverse and greater in number for the Louvre and French museums, regarded around the world as a gold standard of cultural excellence.

The project excludes no one: all cultures and civilizations that make up the global inventory of humanity are invited to express themselves, and the public as a whole is invited to visit. Since dialogue implies mutual understanding, in-depth reflection on outreach will aim to meet the challenge of difference and otherness to create the conditions for genuine interactiveness with the public. The multicultural nature of dialogue is, for that matter, perceived as a chance to enrich the diversity of points of view. To rise to this challenge, the museum will promote dialogue between collections as diverse as prehistoric art, French eighteenth-century furnishings, the art of Islam, India and China, African art, contemporary art, and so on.


publié le 16/10/2014

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