Launch of Paris French Tech Ticket : develop your start-up in France !

Launch of Paris French Tech Ticket : develop your start-up in France !

Get your ticket to Paris and launch your start-up in a unique ecosystem ! Registrations open in June and the first laureates will be expected in France as soon as January 2016.

As part of the French Tech initiative, France is launching the Paris French Tech Ticket to welcome foreign entrepreneurs who wish to launch or develop their start-up in Paris.

An innovative ecosystem : France welcome start-ups !

Teeming with innovation hubs and talents energized by an entrepreneurial mindset, France welcomes start-ups and fosters their development. As a force for value and job creation, start-ups are bound to become more global, as they bring talents and investors from all around the globe to France.

With over 40 incubators, 80 coworking spaces, 20 fablabs, almost 1500 new start-ups created each year and a multiplication of success stories, Paris shows an exceptional dynamism, which is acknowledged in international rankings.

Paris French Tech Ticket: develop your start-up in Paris!

The vitality of an innovative ecosystem stems from the diversity of its members: the “French Tech Ticket” program aims to bring international entrepreneurs to France, where they can launch or develop their ambitious entrepreneurial project.

Paris French Tech Ticket is a pilot session, leading the way to an larger program encompassing all the French Tech Metropoles from 2016 onwards.

This program includes a stipend of 12500€ per founding member over six months, free work space in a partner incubator and help to relocate to Paris. Foreign entrepreneurs from all around the world are eligible, even if they are already based in France – finishing their studies, for example. Teams of up to three founders are eligible, and can include up to one French member.

50 entrepreneurs are expected for the first 6 month session in Paris.

A first trial run of the program will hence be launched in Paris from September 2015 onwards:

  • June 2015 : Launch of the online platform for project application
  • End of Septembre 2015 : applications close
  • Decembre 2015 : laureates announced
  • January 2016 : first laureates arrive in France

For additional details on the program (eligibility, schedule, partner incubators…) visit the French Tech Ticket website.

publié le 12/08/2020

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