Institut francais of the United Arab Emirates

Institut francais of the United Arab Emirates


Institut Français is the new French governmental agency in charge of promoting French culture and language abroad and of organizing cultural events. It works closely with a network of more than 150 Instituts Français around the world, one of them, Institut Français des Emirats Arabes Unis, being present in the UAE since January 2012. Institut Français has four main missions:

- To promote culture in all its forms, including, but not limited to, organizing and supporting cultural events, public conferences, and encouraging cultural and artistic exchanges for the benefit of local talents.

- To work with the French cultural network abroad to help organize international tours for artists, shows and exhibits, to display public collections and to promote exchanges with foreign museums and partners.

- To promote French language, in particular through the support extended to french language teachers in the network of private schools and with French language tuition in the UAE.

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publié le 17/11/2016

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