Gulf and Media Arabic Intensive Training Session [fr]

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and the Centre Français d’Archéologie et Sciences Sociales (CEFAS), a regional research centre promoting studies on the Arabian Peninsula with the support of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs organize a "Gulf and Media Arabic Intensive Training" Session

This training session offers a high-level language course focused on media training in both Modern Standard Arabic and Gulf Arabic for advanced students in need of enhancing their proficiency, fluency and mastery of current idioms. It presents a cultural approach to the Gulf region’s history and current geopolitics. This intensive training session, taught in Arabic, is jointly organised by Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and the Centre Français d’Archéologie et Sciences Sociales (CEFAS), a regional research center promoting studies on the Arabian Peninsula. This programme is designed for diplomats, army and marine officers, business executives, journalists and consultants located within or planning development in the Gulf region.


After completing the intensive 2-week session, trainees will have:
- The ability to restitute and synthesise a written source orally (news article, essay, announcement and bulletin), an oral source (TV or radio programme, interview, debate and declaration), whether in Standard Arabic, Gulf Arabic or Mixed Arabic.
- The ability to express oneself fluently on audio or audiovisual media on any subject linked to courses from the morning sessions, and current affairs of the Arab region.
- Conversational skills with peers or dignitaries on bilateral relationship matters.
- Mastery of how to write up communiqués in Standard Arabic and react on social media in appropriate ways.
- Strong knowledge of the Gulf region’s history, trends, cultural and linguistic features

The training duration is 2 weeks (from the 1st to the 14th of January 2020). Classes are taught on a daily basis from Sunday to Thursday and activities can be planned during the evening or on weekends. The amount of the tuition fees is 15 000 AED (approx. 3620 €)

You may find more information by contacting Professor Lagrange :

You can visit the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi website download the brochure :

PDF - 110 kb
(PDF - 110 kb)

publié le 13/03/2020

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