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On 21 March 2019, take part in the largest French-style dinner. All over the world and in each restaurant, chefs will prepare a four-course French menu using seasonal, eco-friendly products. It is now time to sign up!

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Marché provençal
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Good France : five years old already!

On 21 March 2019, for the fifth consecutive year, do not miss the unique opportunity to enjoy and share the taste of France. Like the 20 participating restaurants in the UAE and the 3500 worldwide in 2018, join the adventure by sending your menu !



Each menu must showcase France’s gastronomy while allowing chefs freedom to adapt their offers to their own markets and quality produce.

All meals must have a four-course menu:
- Starter(s)
- Main course
- Cheese course
- Dessert

Each menu will be based on cuisine with reduced levels of fat, sugar and salt, which promotes healthy eating and the environment, and features vegetables and grains.

The price is at each restaurant’s discretion. It is suggested that 5% of sales be donated to a local NGO working in the health and environment sectors.

To know more and register, visit the Good France website.

5,000 socially responsible chefs across five continents cooking for the planet!

Following on from COP21 and the French National Food Conference (Etats Généraux de l’Alimentation), France must be at the forefront of global environmental action. With this in mind, Goût de / Good France supports the “No More Plastic” initiative, which is working to protect our oceans and reduce the use of plastic.

Goût de / Good France 2019 : a culinary journey around Provence

In 2019, Provence will be the foremost destination for gastronomy and as such will be promoted at Goût de / Good France events both in France and internationally. It will be a year of celebrations, meetings between chefs, gourmet markets, picnics, urban vegetable gardens and more — a genuine gastronomic journey through Provence!

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Marché provençal
©CDT Provence Tourisme

It is time to register !

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