The Institut français in the United Arab Emirates is the cultural department of the French Embassy

The Institut français in the United Arab Emirates is responsible for promoting French creation, thought and language, as well as fostering bilateral exchanges and cultural, artistic, educational, academic and scientific partnerships between France and the UAE.

It is involved in a vast range of activities, including:
- organization of and participation in exhibitions, lectures, shows and fairs, film festivals, concerts, dance and theatre shows;
- training of teachers of French as a foreign language;
- promotion of French higher education;
- support for French cultural industries and institutions in their development projects in the UAE and monitoring of French schools in the UAE.

As a government agency, the Institut français in the UAE is a key partner of Emirati cultural and educational institutions. It works in partnership and in tandem with other influential French bodies in the UAE.

For more information please contact:

Institut Français des Émirats Arabes Unis

French Embassy P.O. Box 4014 Abu Dhabi UAE
Phone: (00 971) (0)2 813 10 58 - (00 971) (0)2 813 10 38

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publié le 23/08/2017

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