French Emirati Touch: Meet French and UAE talents! [fr]

#FrenchEmiratiTouch: our new series of interviews!
Meet inspiring UAE & French women and men: entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, students…They all have at least one thing in common: their genuine affection towards the Emirati-French friendship which they embody and nourish everyday.

eL Seed : Arabic calligraphy to promote a universal message

Meet eL Seed, a French artist based in the UAE.

Living in the United Arab Emirates for more than five years, eL Seed exhibits works of Arabic calligraphy all over the world.

At the core of his project: the wish to promote universal values through a personal interpretation of literary or political works.

In France, the artist exhibited a calligraphy of a text by Stendhal on the facade of the Arab World Institute (Paris). In Dubai, you can admire, in front of the opera, a quote of the “Declaration” of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rachid Al Maktoum, Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Dubai.

eL Seed’s work has received numerous awards: in 2017, the artist won the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture.

" I have a daily challenge: to stay inspired and to continue to inspire others."

Sarah Safarian: an Emirati chef passionate about France

Meet Sarah Safarian, an Emirati chef who has been living in Paris for more than 5 years.

A former student at the Lycée Georges Pompidou of Dubaï, Sarah has always been passionate about French culture. In 2015, she has fulfilled her dream of moving to France to lead a career conversion. She chose to enroll in Ferrandi - the renowned French school of culinary arts and hospitality management – while studying her master’s at Skema business school.

Today, Sarah is a fulfilled entrepreneur. Founder of Humbly Healthy, she offers culinary workshops based on healthy, tasty and mainly vegan food. The chef enjoys adding traditional flavors – both French and Emirati - to her cuisine.

“Every day, I am thankful for the opportunity I had to share my time between the UAE and France.”

Grégoire Berger: a talented French chef based in Dubai.

Meet Grégoire Berger, a talented French chef based in Dubai.

Born and raised in Morbihan (French Brittany), Grégoire has been posted in many places all over the world before settling down in the United Arab Emirates in 2015. He then took the reins of « Ossiano », the gourmet restaurant within the emblematic Atlantis, The Palm Dubai.

Today, Grégoire Berger intends to open his own restaurant in the UAE while pursuing his « Master Classes ». His culinary talents have been world-widely recognized several times: he was the only full-time based chef in the UAE to be part of the top 50 list of the 2019 « Best Chef Awards ».

Abdulla Alrahoomi: an Emirati doctor educated in France.

Meet Dr. Abdulla Alrahoomi, an Emirati doctor and professor.

Graduated from the United Arab Emirates University in medicine, Dr. Alrahoomi is passionate about French culture and he decided to pursue his studies in France. The reasons? The outstanding quality of French medical education and the existence of a bilateral agreement allowing Emirati doctors to get trained in France. He thus graduated from Paris-Descartes university as a sports and rehabilitation doctor.

Abdulla Alrahoomi currently works at Healthpoint UAE in Abu Dhabi and teaches at the United Arab Emirates University. He is also the Vice-President of the Medical Committee within the UAE National Olympic Committee.

In the future, Dr. Alrahoomi would like to return the favor by welcoming French students where he works today. His academic career illustrates the incredible partnership between the United Arab Emirates and France in the field of health.

publié le 04/07/2021

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