Advisers Foreign Commmerce - UAE Section


CCE’s worldwide

2800 French senior executives established in 145 countries.
They deal daily with business opportunities and risks in major world markets.

French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE’s) :

4300 French corporate executives, involved in international business

For more than a hundred years, this network of private business people has shared on a voluntary basis the experience of its members :

- In providing government with their recommendations
- In sponsoring small companies in their international expansion
- In educating and informing young people about international trade careers

Its Objectifs


Experts in their own area, the CCE’s are at the heart of international markets and aware of the full range of international business risks. Their opinion help shape the French trade policy. CCE’s organise conferences all over the world to compare and exchange their views with French and international decision-makers, their analysis of international trade and their experience of specific markets.

Advisory role

CCE’s voluntarily advise French small and medium-size companies on their international development.
This allows them to understand all aspects of their export strategy and use CCE’s assistance to enhance their international expansion

They offer their support :

either on a time-limited basis (specific advice, guidance and introductions)
or on an on-going basis possibly with the participation of a student.


CCE’s advise students involved in international courses. As such, they are able to inform them on the opportunities of international trade careers. They share their professional experience with schools and universities and promote contacts between schools and business. Since 1988, they have sponsored several hundred “young voluntary workers” (V.I.E) abroad and have been involved in the re-thinking of the French national service.

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publié le 15/10/2014

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