Economic Section

Within the Embassy, the Economic Department in each foreign country represents the French Treasury, and rely on the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy, industry and digital. The Economic Department works in close cooperation with BusinessFrance, which manages the commercial service activities supporting the international development of French, and promotes foreign investment projects in France.

The Economic Department works abroad in close liaison with Coface (The French Export Credit Agency), the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCEF), the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad, professional associations and the host country’s government departments.

The 3 principle tasks of the Economic Department are:
Analysing the economic and financial situation and the market access conditions in the host country. Establishing and sustaining economic and financial cooperation between the host country and France.

Contributing to French and European Union proposals within multilateral organisations. The Economic Department is also in charge of advancing the French position on financial and trade issues within a European, regional and international framework.

Supporting the trade efforts of French exporting companies, facilitating French investment in the foreign country and promoting France as a host country for foreign investors, in partnership with BusinessFrance.

For more information, please visit the Economic Section website :

publié le 04/09/2016

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