Art & intelligence artificielle @ La Nuit des Idées aux Emirats arabes unis

Don’t miss our special encounter on the occasion of the Night of Ideas (La Nuit des Idées) in Abu Dhabi!


Thursday, January 25th 2018 at 6.30pm – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi


By creating the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, the United Arab Emirates acknowledged the determining role of new technologies in the future. If Artificial Intelligence can be used in various domains, the artistic world seems to present a receptive stage to these new technologies.

France and the UAE both attach to the artistic artificial intelligence – artificial imagination – a certain importance. The links between contemporary creation and new technologies are part of the cultural cooperation agreement settled by the UAE and France for the year 2018.

As art and new technologies widen the horizons of creativity, both our countries have sufficient imaginative resources to be a leader in this field.

Speakers: Meera Al Shaikh, project manager for Smart Dubai; Grégory Chatonsky, artist; and Patrick Lichty, artist and assistant professor of Media Arts at Zayed University
Moderator: Alix Debussche, co-founder of PULSAR The Open Art Prize

Free admission / First come first seated

publié le 17/01/2018

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